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wimbledon is not looking  to be in our future unless they start allowing sitting while playing, freak outs (oh wait that's allowed forget that then!) and  wood rackets!?  

love my wood racket btw, it's so fucking old school...i pretty sure some people were laughing at me while they did laps around the park.  i had this urge to start screaming " yo, it'a a functional prop from my office bitches" ( i really apologize, i'm on the 4th season of breaking bad and well you get it!?  it's really intense! ).

we played for about an hour and all in all pretty entertaining morning calling it "tennis"  would be a LIE see the definition...

tennis |ˈtenis|


a game in which two or four players strike a ball with rackets over a net stretched across a court.

ya, no- that did NOT happening yesterday!  so i shall rename the game to  " mommy gathering  balls while practicing patience game"!  too wordy?  


 it got much more engaging as I schooled the 9 year old but less comical when amara decided that playdoh was more of "her thing"... i would never mention that to "my bum on pavement", "didn't what to learn how to serve" and "wanted all of my attention" 6 year old olympian!

making memories, people!  lol.







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some things change and some remain the same and some are both! | Klutch Photography | Vancouver family photographer

some things change and some remain the same and some are both! all of the above!

fish out of water?





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