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LIFE UNSCRIPTED | Klutch Photography | Vancouver family photographer

"amara, it's time to do some baking for your take to school birthday treat".


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LIFE UNSCRIPTED | Klutch photography | Surrey Family Photographer

yesterday was che's first "practice" track meet with a few local schools...in other words organized chaos with ribbons!

there was to be "no talk of ribbon placement among the children"  (fucking irritating...lets just babysit these sense of entitlement kids feelings!  boo hoo you came in last.  jesus christ, i want to start fucking yelling "LIFE IS NOT A PARTICIPATION RIBBON, you actually need to work for it, stop coddling these kids! YOU ARE GOING TO LOSE SOMETIMES, TAKE YOUR PACIFIERS OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MOUTHS AND PULL YOUR SHIT TOGETHER!!  it really takes some of the joy out of the race when kids can't celebrate their placements because "kids are emotional after a race" (or so they say) and because of that kids should not discuss it ...so feelings aren't hurt.  

sigh.  rant over and going down memory lane begins...

part of me goes right back to seventh grade, running hard on that rubber track, sporting a bad eighties school shirt along with my Kmart runners (lets get real, nike's were NEVER in a portuguese budget). the butterflies, oh how i miss that "vomit on the spot feeling", no really i do, makes you feel ALIVE!  

playing sports in a portuguese household was not permitted a least for a girl it wasn't (i know that seams so unfair, what a double standard and it was BUT my parents did the best they could. anyways, payback for that is by having a wonderfully respectful black sheep daughter that swears and makes portuguese mom impressions all over the internet! ha).

but somehow i was permitted to participate in track & field  and i was SO GRATEFUL for the chance.  high jump (i know that almost sounds like a fuck'n typo, right! dina in HIGH JUMP, what your 5'1" right?  YES, but i was wiry and springy back then folks, think mink like), sprints and 4 x 100.   i was just pumped to be there, me and my blue light special runners running track.

man do i love watching her run, i scream the crazy DEEP scream the one that everyone turns their head and stares at you for and their thinking "umm, it's not a competition"  (but guess what, it fucking is!). i'm proud of her win, lose or otherwise but i don't sugar coat any of the bad stuff. 

sports keep kids in check. i'm a big fan. would i like people to get real about kids competing against each other? yep!

BTW- she came in third, third and forth!