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klutch photography's newborn session

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What does a Klutch Photography's newborn session look like? | Vancouver newborn photography | Klutch Photography

lets get real, a newborn is only tiny for a few weeks, that's it.

the window is so  small to capture their teeny tiny scale with their adorable scrunchy bodies...fresh out of the womb, milky look and all!

that first week is  full of love, exhaustion and wonderlust!  that "we created this!"  expressions and feelings that parents have, really needs to be properly photographed. it demands a place in your family's history of digital documentation. period.

your children will forever be grateful to see the love in you're eyes that first week they came to be "real" to you both.

you will never regret this investment, whether it's you're first,  second or fifth born.


the session...

the session i offer is relaxed and captured at your home within the first 5 to 10 days after birth, it's life unscripted and it's documented that way!  the session lasts about three hours and the end result is a true picture of your new family unit.

please contact me if your pregnant and want to book a session. if your a friend or family and want to buy the session for your loved ones, i can do that certificates are always  available.  

*grandparents are always free from session fees in all my family & newborn sessions. 




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