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Our trampoline is a mess right now, no paddling, no net and a little rusted...so basically it's looks like everyone's trampoline from the eighties!  When guests are coming over I actually text the parents letting them know the condition of the tramp and if they give me the thumbs up I at least have some form documentation just in case!

Yesterday the girls had a friend over and while they played I decided to go have a shower before our "girls night out" with my daughters to our favourite sushi place.  When I exited my bathroom and walked into my bedroom to cover my mom body,  I could hear screaming that was well... not quite the norm!  It had a shrill of "holy fuck' it.

When I looked out the window from the second floor there they were, on the death trap with one more layer of Evil Coneval they'd added...DISH SOAP, fluffy slippery DISH SOAP!!

Well that' not safe! I thought.

 I continued to get a well-needed support bra on and grab my camera. Document this moment first, deal with the situation second! So I said "welcome to the elevated 80's kids, don't break anything but if you do you can only blame yourselves!

Small risk, equals confidence (they all survived, Che' did get a kinked neck tho lol).







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My kids rocked their low-tec summer like a boss | Klutch Photography | Vancouver family photographer

my kids don't own a phone, ipod,  ipad....or a computer.  their 10 (soon to be 11) and 8. 

why the fuck should they!?  they're kids!?

steve jobs (the co-founder & CEO of apple) had a low tec family. why? because technology & kids (in large quantities) don't mix well and i agree!  numerous studies have shown this to be true and to be perfectly honest...it's hard enough monitoring tv time and the xbox- let alone fighting over hand help MOBILE devices.

here's the thing, your a kid...GO PLAY OUTSIDE!

or draw,  or play red rover, go jump on your tram(oline), go play with your friends...and yes CALL them on the PHONE, you know that thing that's connected to the wall by wires!

and guess what- they did, with no real complaints...they rocked their low-tec summer like a boss. i absolutely love their child like imaginations and wonder without it being technology fuelled. yes, they got into boat loads of trouble and it was all good trouble, kids exploring their world trouble! i'll take that any day over a quiet plugged in child zombie.

my kids will have MANY years to use technology but sadly they only have a few years left to just be children doing child like things!












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