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che' you are...

my oldest love. my side kick and partner in all things fun.

 you are my dreams...of everything i was not able to be.

you are my first born, that comes with privileges.

your a storm that shatters my patience then breaks to reveal pure golden light and double rainbows.

you talk a lot. then you say nothing. 

you need a cuddle but never ask...i know, i can tell, i'm your mom.

proud of you is an understatement.

you ARE a libra through and through, your room and forgetfulness prove it.

loyal. very loyal.

fair is required in this house by you. or else.

SMART and getting very witty...along with other things we shall not mention.

your love of kids is STRONG and they love you back.

portuguese blood runs through you like a raging river, for you can not get enough hot sauce  and that 0 to 60 temper comes from my side. all my side. maybe a little of dad's but mostly me.

your confident in yourself...your hair and style proofs it. 

you may have gills, i'm not sure but man you swim like a fish. 

soccer. soccer. soccer. how i love watching you and cheering you on the rep team you had to work so hard to get  onto the team.

well sports in your comfort zone as you are BUILT for it, all of it.

your beauty is both inside and out, you shine baby girl.

art is a love, as is mine...this is how we bond.


the list would go on forever if i let it, but know that you are the compass that guides my life and you teach me as much as i teach you.

you are ten TOMORROW  and i sit here feeling like my world just blinked.  slow down girl. i have yet to completely savour  your youthful love of the world. your dow eyed, glossy hopes and dreams....linger will you, as i can't bare to have it slip away so quickly. as the first 10 have.


i love you che', so much.