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this (sprung on me at the last minute) rockstar day at school provided to you by their costume hoarding mothers, tickle trunk!!





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i will never forget springtime last year listening to my sobbing 8 year old (at the time) realize that she didn't make rep soccer. the hard reality had sunken in, she didn't work hard enough or want it bad enough. she expected it to be well, easy. and it wasn't.

this moment on her bed, for her and me, was that moment, a life moment!  

mommy & daddy couldn't fix this, or "clean it up" for her....neither could she.

for a lack of better words she shit the bed. and now she sat in her tears while four of her favourite players were moving on from her team to play a more advanced and skilled game of soccer with another team.  

she would be left behind.  

she would NOT  just be bumped up because it's the "right thing to do", she wouldn't "pitch a fit" and "get her way" or have her daddy talk to the higher ups to "get her on the team".  


i listened, and cuddled, and empathized her lost which for an 8 year old was  EPIC.

then, i got real with her...

i threw the ball back in her court and had her take a hard look at her past seasons performance (which was substandard to make rep soccer for sure. she had gotten lazy. she was good enough but she got lazy, lost the drive, yet she loved soccer!).


I asked her this...

"what did you do to make your performance better than all the other girls (other then play your required soccer game and one practice a week)"?

"do you think you deserved it more than the others that played and practiced on their own time"?

"Did you take the suggestions and advice that both your parents and coach's gave you to help advance your game"?


teaching through life lessons has been a model we've used when those lessons have presented themselves. This one gave hubby and I an opportunity to talk about our careers and if you truly love what you do and want to be good at it...the minimums will NOT be enough to be successful, to make a living from it, to get ahead (kinda the same as her and rep soccer).

it's hard to know if anything ever sticks in their preteen brains but we told her we loved her with or without soccer (i think she needed to hear that). but if YOU REALLY WANT THIS (to be in rep that is,) we would do whatever we could do to get her there as long as she was willing to work for it!    

she was.

one year later, she made the rep team. the year wasn't easy for many reasons. but she made it!

I'M very proud of her. WE are proud of her. SHE is proud of her (lol)

this past weekend was  a four game tournament weekend, in the PORING RAIN for two of those games.  she worked hard with her new team, she has tasted success.  

perhaps she will want seconds!




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I never thought seeing my friends "vajayjay" was going to be part of my bucket list! | klutch Photography| Surrey newborn photographer

when your dear friend asks you to be present during the birth of her first child YOU DO NOT SAY NO!  even if the thought of seeing her vagina (or any vagina for that matter) doesn't seam appealing to you at all, you fucking say YES because your not an asshole, your needs do not matter here, hers do... so you suck it up.  truth be told, the thought of photographing all those amazing raw moments kinda wooed me into overlooking the whole naked, grunting, loss of body fluid parts of it all!

the offering i received to be present for the birth came from a place of sheer panic, kassie thought her hubby might hit the floor from getting woozy and she would be there birthing their child alone (you know alone with a doola, midwife, and three nurses. lol. all joking aside... i know they are great and very capable but it's not like having your bestie helping you along ) btw, three of the five attendants in the room I knew either from mutual friends or my neighbourhood swap and shop. small f'n world or what!


i dina, would be the husband "stand in"  just incase he (hubby) bit it!

 I thought a tee shirt would have been a nice idea  saying "team Kassie" or "the other husband" or "i don't normally look at other girls vagina's" or "i was the second choice" (well, if we are counting the doola and midwife that would make the shirt read "forth on the birth list"! Which is pretty fuck'n good right!?!).  

you will be happy to know that James was rock solid. calm, cool and helped kassie through the whole thing...perfectly!  so i got to be the proverbial icing on the placenta, the colour commentary if you will, as my "stand in husband roll" was not needed!

Kassie only got a shot or so of some kind of pain killer but she mostly used the gas, that's all she had time for and from my perspective...she rather enjoyed it (almost to much). when the tone of her voice changed to the hippie pot smoking tone and said "who's holding my hand" (it was me and I was about six inches from her face) and the "fuck you trang (her midwife) , i'm pushing with gas" attitude! made me think that perhaps a 12 step program may be in order after the birth.  i'm glad to report kassie is completely gas free for 4  months now, so proud. lol.

now, If you want to hire me to be your step in baby's daddy here's some of the gems I may use...

 "OMG, KASSIE (don't worry I will use your name instead) YOUR BABY'S HEAD IS OUT OF YOUR VAGINA" (I was kind of yelling. now i really understand where amara gets it from... so I toned it down a hair, but with the gas intake i don't even know if she could hear me or give a fuck)

or you may hear this one...

"y   o   u     c   a   n     f   u   c   k   i   n   g     d   o     t   h   i   s"!  (imagine a low drawn out statement

Now this one is epic...

"y o u r   l i k e   a   m o t h e r f u c k i n g   s o r c e r e r" (this part got a little creepy with tone and all...but I was trying to be motivational

yes. i said these things and yep, the last one is from cards against humanity! and your correct it is the phrase that WINS EVERY TIME you use it!!  

savi arrived at 2:18pm on friday october the 17th.

her mom nailed it. she blew my mind on her ability to stay calm and get the job done.

kassie cried when her daughter was born, which made me cry  (i know, i know...i'm already aware i cry at everything beautiful, sad and otherwise but it was just so amazing!)

what I didn't know at the time was that in the end, i would thank her (and her hubby) for allowing me to be present for their very intimate family event. they gave me the most amazing gift...a chance to witness a human being born and not out of one's self...

a different perspective on life. literally!

wow, just wow.

i got to add and tick off a bucket list item that I had no Idea was even on my list that day in october when my niece was born. 






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