Journal Entry No. 28 | Klutch Photography | Vancouver family photographer

Why would you ever bring technology to a forest or lake for your kids to be "entertained"!

That's certainly, not how we role. Be wild kids, just make it back alive!









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Journal Entry No. 24 | Klutch Photography | Vancouver family photographer

Another year blinks by and now she's 9. 

So grateful to see another milestone happen for her (no more booster seat required!) She's officially a front seat passenger!

Amara got pretty much all the cute little girl things she wanted, and then some. So proud of this little lady. 

Happy Birthday my little muffin. Love you so much.

SIDE NOTE: A few years back I got really tired of the gluten over spending two-hour birthday parties and so I offered both girls an option...

Your welcome to have a friend birthday party OR I will give you a cheque for $200 instead to put inside of your personal bank accounts!

Both haven't had a kid party since. Lol, that comes from their dad's side.

They still get their birthday gifts, a dinner out with Nannie and grandpa, a cake they pick and decorate with candy (at home) and one friend can sleep over! But there are no more crazy money wasted two-hour parties. BEST IDEA I THINK I EVER HAD!   My kid's accounts keep growing and I'm no longer tired and stressed out on their special day!

Journal Entry No.14 | Klutch Photography | Vancouver family photographer

So I'm working diligently this month to back up some of my old hard drives and I'm freak'n killing myself laughing at all these oldies of my girlies.

Like this one from 2012. Che kissed her sister and she punched you in the gut! Sisterly love.


Or this one. Where without trying, these two look like an episope of Ricky and Lucy.



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