centennial beach, nice to meet you!

i have been meaning to check out this so called "fantastic  beach" out for at least a year but well when you have two rock'n beaches right by you the thought of traveling a half hour seems a wee bit silly, none the less, on a whim (or more like the kids were in my hair all afternoon) we set off on the adventure (sunday june 10th, 2o12).  i had directions (made by meself...lol...in other words useless!), buckets, non beach attire (the weather has sucked so why would we dress in shorts when it's cold in june) and the third child came along (the camera). we had a bet on the tide (we thought would be high), we also had a bet whether or  not we would actually get there (you can guess what happened) and that evolved into a rendition of down by the bay (words changed to: down by boundary bay, where the sand dollars grow, back to my home i dare not go, for if i do my husband might say " can't you read a map to get back on track"...LOL!).   we arrive and it's LOW tide (score), were in love.  the park is wonderful, though we didn't go for that today... sand dollars was the treasure we were seeking to find!.

i'm slowly trying to remove the "bubble wrap" that i have around my children.

today was:

go ahead and put your a** on the toilet seat at the public washroom (HUGE DEAL).

next was going in the water "as is"...with no towels or spare clothes.

...as you can see it was a hit.

as for centennial beach, we shall meet again...sooner then later my pretty!