i'm slowly getting good at working a mac but holy crap i suck at cell phones.  have you ever called my cell?, if you know me well enough, you know NOT to call it, you know the odds are good (99.99% of a chance) that it will ring it's "elevator chant" in my office or deep in a purse i used 4 days ago, it WILL go to voicemail and i WILL listen (eventually)to it BUT i WILL NOT call you back on it (disclaimer...too my lovely clients i will always call you back BUT probably NOT on my cell phone!).  i have tried to "use it" like all you cool folk but well i suck,  holy crap i suck at keeping it with me or just using it for that matter. now it's just a joke...look at it, i might as well use the brick unit from the 80's that's in our halloween tickle trunk. as a matter a fact that would be "cooler" to pull out of my purse than this one.  did i mention the voicemail notification sounds like bad porn music?  really telus, come now...you got nothing better?  i was on a "plan" ONCE but that ended up costing us a RIDICULOUS amount of cash, so pay and talk it is!

i think i just don't enjoy being tracked down, in this day and age you can find anyone, anytime...perhaps it's my inner knotty self saying " no way folks...you can't find me today, i'm free as can be (minus the four year old holding my leg screaming for a snack wanting to play doggie in the local costco) yep... like a bird shackled to a long roped poll, free as can be!"  or maybe it's the fact that i have two girls that talk NON STOP and i'd prefer email (at times), or maybe i was in a witness protection program in a past life.

none the less, it's a weird "dinaism" and it's going to stay like this for a while!