Please don't there be any pukers on the bus! | Vancouver Zoo | Klutch Photography | Vancouver family photographer

it's that time of year again...field trips!  this years journey- the vancouver zoo. 

i'm always guilted in to chaperoning by my daughter!  part of me is always game to go, but another part of me has a DEEP fear of spontaneous bus puking caused from ONE motion sick kid. this one puker can set a chain reaction (similar to dominos) that can trigging others to release a partly eaten breakfast or return trip lunch. the thought of smelling another persons half digested food in a save on foods grocery bag for a 1.5 hours (there and back bus trip) is enough to say NOPE, not going! 

BUT i always do. i'm a sucker for my freckle faced daughter wanting me still. so while she still thinks i'm "cool" i'll suck back the fear and do it anyways.

and by the grace of god, there has not been any pukers! can i get an amen. knock on some wood people, it's a miracle.


(the kids loved the zoo and were exhausted after a long day.  the best part for me, is always being able to capture it!)