Late nights are in the forecast | Klutch Photography| Vancouver family photography

it's 8:30 pm and my kids are tired and smelly from a busy weekend...yet, are they showered and ready for bed- NO.


because it's so god dawn beautiful outside and they are playing wonderfully with all the neighborhood children.  it feels like summer right at this moment...and to be honest, i don't want to parent anymore today. anyone else feel the same way?

this will cost me dearly at bedtime and tomorrow with my 10 year olds "tired hormone induced behaviour" and one feisty 8 year olds melt downs.  yet, i get suckered in every time to their pleas of "10 more minutes mom", which leads to 30 minutes and hour etc. sigh.

this could go on all night. yet i'm not stopping it!? could be because a have a newly acquired strongbow in my hand!

i can see a lot of late nights in the forecast!