The oil lights on!? | Klutch Photography | Vancouver family photography

a week ago G noticed the oil light on on my truck and said "let me know if it stays on" as we have a few quirky dash board light things that have happened in the past (with none of them being serious, just glitchy).

later that week, I sent him a text saying the oil light is still on. the response back was "time for a new car"? me "lol" and the week pushed forward with no other attention given to the flashing genie lamp on my dash board.

i made a choice to spend time with my parents this long weekend instead of many other FUN options, partly because I had to work but mostly because this time will never come back with my healthy p's.  


we invited them over to watch che's soccer game (s) and eat. eating is what we do as europeans... along with walks and portuguese wine. really do you need to do any more then that. no. no, you don't!


I picked them up at the ferry terminal after my session saturday morning in vancouver, then we hit up ikea in richmond (of coarse) and then back home to surrey.  and the whole time, my truck is doing the oil flashing fluttery thing, oh well, it's still driving-were good!


later that day we go for a walk but decide to take the truck to get to our location and as we spark up it up the euro father says "ah deena, thaat don't soounnd guud"(ah dina, that doesn't sound good).  now let me be clear, that sound would not have registered with me AT ALL. i would have kept driving, for days. my truck is a blue job. yes, that means G takes care of it.  why? because I clean the toilets. enough said.


G pops the hood open and my dad and him "have a man look" at the running engine. then he dip sticks it and he FREAKS out.  NOT A STITCH OF OIL IS REGISTERING. NOTHING. and this is after the car was turned on (which i was told by my dad you don't check it after it's been "running" because it will register more oil then what you really have).


"so i guess were walking"!  i announce.


G was left to solve the almost seized engine, lack of oil...failing at his blue job-problem, while we continue our adventure by foot. as we made our way to the park, we were escorted by an old furry friend named pepper and i realized that if the euro's had not come this weekend, i would not have a truck for much longer because we didn't believe the oil light flickering was a "real issue"- such fools right! thank you universe for setting that up!  unfortunately, i think i need to make the truck a "pink" job from now on.



the rest of the weekend was spent in perfect nothing specialness, minus my parents eating sushi for the first time ever (can you imagine not eating sushi for 71 years!!), and my dad turning 72.  so grateful for this life, the little things the moments all of them. 

(update-the truck has recovered, the oil light is gone and no more knocks in the engine!)







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