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I know some of you will have a hard time believing this and that's ok but for us, this is very real.

Over the weekend we had a soccer game in Mission, Greg was out of town and I was on deck!   I thought it would be fun to make the day of it if we were heading out that far. Our last stop before heading home was Golden Ears Regional Park.  It was a well spent few hours, exploring the woods and hitting up the lake (which was FREEZING!) and by 5 pm we were home and prepping for a fresh week of school.  

later that night, I sat down to edit my images from the day we had horsing around and as I was scrolling through some images of Amara on top of a HUGE dead old growth tree  I stopped and thought, well that looks odd?? Really odd?  There were what appeared to be highlight bursts in her hair and on her arm. It was so dramatic I thought I must have batch edited them by accident and used a highlight brush or something.  when I looked a little further that would not be the case. The images were unedited and straight out of the camera. Untouched and shot as is.


I got shivers, like grow the hair back on my leg kind of shivers.  There is NO explanation of how these "orbs" would be formed and I mean that. There was no catch light, no reflective surfaces as I was in the tree stumptaking the photos.  My camera doesn't even have a flash and these images are right out of the camera.

The images were taken within seconds of one another. I never saw any light reflecting in my lens. I'm dumbfounded on how these would have been formed from "real life".

Here's the thing, if you've followed any of my past posts your aware that Amara lost her best friend Sophie to meningitis in kindergarten. This rocked her family, us and our community really hard. We miss her every day.

Being a believer in "signs", we've had quite a few butterfly and rays of light encounters since her passing (read about it here) and recently DIMES (finding them that is in strange places). Dimes seam to be what she gives to her own family all the time as a sign.

These "orbs" have no explanation that makes sence, other than I truly believe she is near us. She is with us. She hears us  and that gives us a huge sense of comfort. 






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