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a year and a half + has past, since you left us all. your birthday is tomorrow.  yet, i know you are here. your spirit is here.

in all of my life, i have yet to have a butterfly land on myself, it's not in their nature to land on MONSTERUS sized animals. i get it. i wouldn't either!

until last summer, at the lake, that wouldn't be the case. and the same goes with this summer in victoria. the first encounter was beyond incredible. a solid black and white detailed butterfly proceeded to land on amara, che and myself. it walked from one finger to the other persons finger, it flew to all of us and repeated this process for quite a long time (as if to say "look i'm here", get it...it's me sophie)

i knew it was you letting amara know you were there, playing on that sandy beach. letting her know that you still have play dates with her.  

that was my summer highlight.  that, just a little bit, makes me feel less mad, sad and everything else that grief brings.  

you will be seven tomorrow. and yet again you have come to say hello.  

on our visit to the island.  this beautiful  butterfly (what looked like a monarch), at the beach again (weird, it's always at the beach but they had loads of fun there, maybe that's her place with amara). circled amara and then fluttered in her face..and left. i laughed and said "sophie is saying high". amara ran after it.  when she returned to said that INDEED, that was Sophie's pet butterfly...the butterfly told her.  lol.

but miss sophie was not done yet...

the next day, my girls, my parents and i went to mount doug beach. we were enjoying low tide and my vampireish mother was hiding in the shade. we joined her to get a few pics of the G's and the girls together.  

as we were hanging out a white butterfly with some beautiful black details on it's back wings fly's by us...

che says "that's sophie"

i reply "not all butterfly's will be a sign from sophie, che" 

what happened next (for me) solidified her presence that day.

the butterfly turned around, landed on me, left and landed on che and then landed on amara. when the butterfly was leaving amara said  "it didn't stay long with me" classic right, amara feeling she didn't get enough (just like candy or play dates or EVERYTHING!). 

the shocker was that the butterfly flew back and circled just amara and disappeared into the forest.

tears flowed for me. and a deep sense of happiness filled my soul. you are here little girl. you are here. you came to say hi. thank you for that (again), thank you for letting amara know your ok. your here.

my mother, who knew about the previous encounters was speechless. so was my dad.  the funny part was, the girls just take it for what it is, sophie saying hi "again".  love how kids are just so... weird & real. lol.

{the first series of pictures below are from last summer and my visit to the island last week.

now the last three images in the gallery were taken a few minutes after the butterfly landed on us in Victoria.  amara is on a log walking. they were taken seconds from each other, with no adjustments to my camera settings what so ever (as in... iso, shutter speed, aperture etc.).  we were also in the shade!   call it what you want. but i call that ray of light (sophie) watching over amara.}

happy 7th birthday baby girl, we sure miss you. (and when i say we, i  mean our entire village)

These below are three unedited images, taken with in sec's of each other...with no camera adjustment in between them. (and we are in the shade). The first images is totally normal, the other two, you can see a ray right over amara.



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