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She finally said those dreaded words "Can I bake some cookies mum".

Cringing because I hate baking messy's (see why here), I begrudgingly agreed.

BUT she would have to make them herself! The time had come, she needed to learn how to do it herself. I had to distract myself, to which I felt was very smart call or else I would have needed to liquid mediate myself at 11 am on this fine Saturday morning in order to get through my flour trama. And guess what, I managed to organised 10 years of recipes (more like trash them!) while she produced the standard 5 ingredient CC cookie! WINNING.

There was a substantial mess but one accomplished & happy 9-year-old and as for me... well I survived, nothing a good Portuguese cleanup couldn't cure.

She was thrilled and wanted to share her baked goods with people she appreciated (not us but others..lol...ok she did give us some but the brunt went to other adults she loves in the hood!)

It's official, she can bake cookies!




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