let them eat cake | Klutch Photography | Surrey family photographer

store bought muffins, particularly the blue berry or the chocolate chip ones are not muffins at all, their cake...reworded!  these ginormous mini "cakes" was (were) my girls breakfast...lazy mom moment but then i thought fawk it, let them eat cake!  why? because it's saturday, because it's snowing out, because they sleep in forts on friday nights, because there little for only so long...that's why! all this "becauseing" got me pumped up and i announced "photo shoot in 15 minutes OUTSIDE, theme is "fairy", who's with me"!!!

them: "why mom"?

me: "because we can"

they smile there wide sneaky smiles, get self dressed and were out the door in 20 minutes.

the tale of this morning, sometimes you just got to "let them eat cake".






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