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if pen and paper became EXTINCT in our technology driven society, i may have to become right brained, oh i think i just vomited in my mouth a little!

There's just something about a fresh piece of paper, perhaps it's the no boundaries …the endless things one could create with a clean sheet of paper, a sharp pencil and that rolling smooth blue ink (wiping drool off the key board now...mmm, white paper).

my first memories of writing was being in elementary school, busting out mad song lyrics that would rival tiffany's own cassette recordings, along with crazy childhood drama's written in code so my parents couldn't understand them and i was producing gallery worthy art (or so i thought) every after schoool.  it was the only way for me to escape and to express who i was in a time and place that didn't allow me to do that.  now, now put the worlds smallest violin and tissue away!  no sympathy needed. i'm quite confident in who i've turned out to be but with out journalling who knows, i may have become an english teacher ...did you just spit your coffee out, yes folks, that was sarcasm.

i know longer "have to have" those fresh white sheets, pretty journals, sharp charcoal pencils or fancy gel pens of my youth and young adulthood (but still love them).  just like having children you take what you can, when you can, and mine is now my sacred three subject spiral book found at walmart for $2.00!  as for pens, well i'll take whatever has ink it it really.   ok, I do have a small preference in pens and I try to steal that "preference" from my hubbies work bag whenever possible. (for all of you who know my husband, hearing him get all worked up... " where the fuck have all my pens gone" brings me a little joy, oh i hope he's not reading this, remember i'm only 10% evil.  did i mention he leaves his clothing everywhere!)

truth be told, if i have free time, now let me clarify what free time means...i'm trapped somewhere for at least a half hour with no option to leave (so kids  swimming lessons, plane flights or driving trips to the cabin), it's a requirement to bring my $2.00 psychologist with me (it's like bringing phones for most people).  the journal is the "psychologist" because it listens without  judgement and never tells me somethings a bad idea…usually it's saying "i love it, your brilliant".

i actually get a wee bit agitated if i forget my "therapist" when i have "free time", usually resulting in a quick pit stop to grab a new one at a local drugstore or at the HUDSON NEWS.  if those are not around i will find some kind of scrap paper (sadly, it's usual a value village receipt)  and borrow a pen...geez, now I sound like a addict needing a fix!

this "psychologist" allows me to plan my days, doodle, make lists, set goals, resolve frustrations, create new business ideas, blog posts and best of all keep my artistic creativity flowing.  it really looks more like creative puke on paper (it's not pretty at all) but man does it work for my mental stability!

so when you see me at the ymca, looking like a dinosaur with paper and pen, you know what's happening...i'm plotting to take over the universe (well more like my own universe but whatever).  give it a try, you might just find it can solve a lot of your worldly problems for under a cup of coffee.

good luck, i'm off to pick up my hubbies socks from the living room floor. again.




What to learn how to journal, check out  by Claire De Boer!  love her and her work.