Oh Canada | klutch Photography | Vancouver family photographer


as the sun goes down on your special day and all the little tattooed faces get washed off , flags tucked away for next year and back yards are cleaned up from epic family gatherings, i sit here and think how lucky we are oh canada the great, to live within your borders and i just wanted to say thanks for a few things... like making me feel safe at night,

being able to speak whatever language i desire and say what ever comes to mind without judgment,

for having some of the cleanest water in the world (out of my tap!),

being loved across the globe because we flash your name around,

for your gorgeous beaches, lakes and mountains, with skylines that we (mostly) take for granted,

being able to afford a doctors visit

and drinking beer at 19,

i will even say thanks for your CRAZY amount (almost, all year long) of rain because without  it we wouldn't value our summers so much!

oh canada, i'm proud to take your name... thank you!

happy birthday.



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