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ever wear a tablecloth as a piece of clothing?

I have!


So now every immigrant portuguese mother (including mine) is reading this are thinking (ok well most of them are not because they don't believe in the internet, so i'm lying a little bit which is bad because it's tell the truth tuesday but if my mom did own a computer this would be asked) ...

"wII sEE sAA dAAt"?

for all of you that don't understand portuguese mother accents, what she's really saying is

"why she say that"?

and if you don't understand chopped up portuguese mother english what she is REALLY saying is

"why are you wearing a tablecloth"?, "why are you telling people your wearing a tablecloth"? "are you poor"? and "why do you shop at the second hand store"? "are you poor"!!!?

yep, these four questions (well five if you count the repeated question of "are you poor") are cleverly disguised in only four mispronounced words! amazing right. portuguese mothers are wicked communicators!


the BEST part, i was wearing my tablecloth (or shall i start calling this my large mexican boho blanket scarf) to pick up my kids from school yesterday and amara doesn't even notice or care and che' asks if i was wearing a "poncho", i replied with "NOPE, a tablecloth"!  she just walked away saying "oh".  

that's it!  no shock value . she is immune.  lol.

value village special $3.99, no picnic potato salad stains either!







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