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Blackie Spit Quickie session

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Journal Entry No 10. | Klutch Photography | Vancouver family Photographer

i'm quite emotionally attached to my session photos, their my art, my craft, i feel what a parent would feel to see them (joy and love) but this session (like two others i've captured in the past) brought me to tears as i edited them.

this one was happy tears, not like the other two.

this little girl you see, this powerful, strong little girl is fighting cancer and  winning! 

i've known this crew for a while and watched her journey this past year. a HARD journey on all of them and yet they are shiny stars of love and positivity.

today, i sit humbled at your strength little girl and yours mom and yours big sister and yours dad. truly humbled.

so today folks, when someone cuts you off in traffic or the starbucks line is REALLY long and you're mad and frustrated remember this little girls smile because today she's fighting cancer and you're not.

we have a choice to be positive. what will you choose today??






Life Unscripted family session