Journal Entry No. 31 | Klutch Photography | Vancouver family photographer

No purchase necessary | Klutch Photography | Vancouver family photographer

One of the things  I've learned as a parent is that your kids don't remember the things you buy them, they remember the moments, the places and the fun they had ...or lack thereof! 

 My parents have always been good at that.... making non-gifted memories. Just love, food and their time. Not to mention they give cash and call it a day for all xmas and birthdays (which I love and so do my kids!)

These trips to Victoria will forever be remembered for their ferry rides the early morning, sleepovers with pillow fights and pancakes served while watching cartoons.  Beach combing for treasures, endless hours with cousins, chocolate treats in the morning from Vavo' and ginger tea at night. Laughs while walking up Mount Doug mountain, geocaching and secret plans in old childhood bedrooms. Playing Abba records at chipmunk speed and eating whatever was green out of the garden...usually kale. Large Portuguese meals with homemade garlic toast (burnt a little of course), card games where cheating was a requirement and using power tools in Vavo's shed.

There will be "remember that's" and "remember when's", they will look back and laugh at all the childhood moments that help curate who they are!

This folks will be their memories and no purchase is necessary!




*all images were shot on a 5D Mark 11 - 24mm fixed sigma art lens, edited with LD6 with Klutch custom presets*

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Journal Entry No.15 | Klutch Photography | Vancouver family Photographer

Amara -  "Mom, this is my picture of a regular lady and then a hooker"!

Well, that's what you get for taking your kids to Value Village (on King George) on a Friday night!

Real life. 

Sure does open the door for some REAL conversations...and interesting drawing apparently! 

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