Canada Day 2015 Surrey | Klutch Photography | Vancouver family Photography

it's  true, i love canada day...i always have! sporting our flags colours... red & white or white ooor just red, whatever is clean and ready to go, it's a must!

i was so looking forward to today...

but this morning i was having a mommy meltdown as i was busy lashing my tongue at my family "you all have disrespected this house and me". and yes that was on the top of my "holy shit, mommy's mad list".

i was gone for six hours yesterday photographing a morgan creek golf tournament, two hours of which the three of them were home for and the absolute shit show i walked into was NOT OK. AT ALL.  i mean really, how was this possible in two hours. it was a CLEAN house when i left.  they all were responsible and they all would pay...even if that meant NO CANADA DAY celebration till we are all cleaned up (inside i'm weeping), but my foot was staying down on this one.

 this morning consisted of me kindly telling my husband that i would eat granola in his new 2015 car (without milk of course) and clean know "later", which means NEVER.  i also told my girls that i would host book club in their freshly cleaned bedrooms and they would have to clean it up them selfs.

weird, they didn't like that idea!

the next hour, they all cleaned up. blame, anger and tears happened...i didn't give a shit. all i cared about was restoration of my work & rest place...and getting to the CANADA DAY fun of course.

we made it to the surrey celebration (first time going there) and it was amazing. the girls were mad that we didn't go to the steveston day celebration but to be honest the last few years it's been way to commercialized for me liking. this year we would stay local. surrey it is.

they all agreed, it was worth it (all of included!)!

side note: amara was on ctv and che puked when she got home from the rides!

happy 148th canada!






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