FIFA WORLD CUP 2015 | klutch Photography | Vancouver family photographer

so heart breaking that our girls didn't win, but i have to say christine sinclaire is top shelf through and through.

i can't imagine the sadness, frustration and exhaustion she must have felt after this quarter final loss, as she left the arena she stopped to sign an enormous amount of autographs for her (mostly younger) fans.  that to me is so classy! way to be a strong, athletic role model for this younger generation of girls!  AND to show them how to lose with grace. can't say that about some of her other canadian team members who didn't do the same thing, some of them just walked away from the kids begging for their autograph. boo right!

che' & amara (my daughters) are dwarfed in this picture, lost at the front, in the sea of fans, it worked because che got her favorite player's autograph (can you guess which one), dream come true for her!

**** below is my video montage experience while vancouver hosted FIFA world cup 2015 (the stoddard's & friends experience, that is). the upper bowl was a mia tia cocktail of pot, sweat from the slip off your plastic seat heat and some odd couple front row colour commentary. the kids heard some interesting things, that's for sure. i know what your all way possible dina, your the queen of the "colourful language"! nope, i kept it together and only said shit about four times. not in the video of course. not bad right!? you will however here me screaming (a fair amount) ! ***




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