"Membership" has it's privileges| Klutch Photography | Vancouver family photographer

so my life experiences can only be truly appreciated (by me) once i sit back and think, look and feel them through all the images i have taken. every year after our EBL (East Barriere Lake) summer has run it's course and my bags are all unpacked, i sit down and feel the moments though my photography. 

we (all) are so blessed. period. first to be walking this beautiful earth and secondly to call ebl our summer home.

this is our 10th year being a part of this special village.  yes, yes, your right shit "sometimes" goes sideways but that's also just the perfect imperfections of life (for our family).  five weeks SOLID with your whole family...you can only imagine what can happen (and a few of you have heard and seen it all).


 so what does an EBL "membership" comes with...

stunning elevated views (maria slough, your idea of an what easy hike with kids and a camera is bullshit. lol)

 as close to perfection, as a lake could be.

amazing friendships. 

 free range children (parents have no fucking clue where there kids are, for numerous reasons. thank god for walkie talkies).

good old fashion summer thunderstorms.

happy hours that start from 3 till umm sundownish!? 

dinner, what dinner?...eat what you can find!

 milestones and annual events, loads of them. which requirers a large consumption of anything over 3% fermented!

late, late nights (my kids NOW think 11pm is when bedtime should start, i'm NOW so screwed!)

all sports water related, which may or may not come with free stitches!

and glorious beach days!

it's hands down, (our) best place on earth to just BE a family, relax and reconnect.


{btw video and me are in a relationship right now and it's starting to get serious...here's a klutch photography ebl highlight reel to watch with your coffee (or for the few of us that haven't detoxed yet, WINE it is!) .



summer snapshots...










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