SURPRISE (part two, we hit the town)

(parents holiday continued)

we settle in and it's time to hit wet willies (now personally, any place where the name of the restaurant is a "wet finger in your ear" i could do with out but it's been recommended by the locals).  the concept, adult slurpee's served in paper cups (small, medium and large) with lots of grain alcohol in it (grain alcohol?, what's that?). well it's illegal to start with (ok that's a little dramatic, more like it's not sold in canada) and it's 153 proof!  the place is packed with kids, and the first waitress is really fond of her job serving fountain drinks, clearly by her kind and thoughtful demeanour (not)! none the less i ask her "what i should i get", a one word answer comes from her month "superman".  moments later (literally 5 seconds) because it comes out of a slurpee machine i have a convenience store paper cup with a straw and a mighty tasty drink going down the hatch.  "the. mr" was kind, he tried to worn me (d, slow down. that drink will put you on your a**).  i'm prone to brain freezes so after four in a row, i realized this mamma needs to slow down (which was my only saving grace from not getting a notorious piggy back ride home from "the mr.").

we both concur that me eating a salad  for lunch was a weak option in miami (again this term salad is  being used loosely because i ate from the same hotel restaurant and well i'm pretty sure chef ramsie wouldn't consider "shred" used for burgers a salad) you need hard core carbs to keep the grain alcohol at bay.  so we sit down to get some chow, which wet willies provides.   best meal to date in miami, which at this point is not a hard title to earn BUT it was actually really tasty (shrimp taco's).

i'm three fingers in and i'm cackling with laughter, making new friends and "the mr." is shaking his head.  i'm two sheets to the wind because my normally not funny (to me) hubby is a freak'n comedy act right now. the canadians are busting guts over here.

we meet a few locals, one of which was a lovely girl named "diamond" (that's her middle name BTW), "the mr." then asks by any chance is your full name "Rainbow Diamond" (for all of you who know miss amara eden, this got me to spit my drink out).

jail is a common after work activity here in miami, people talk about it like it's no big deal (surprise)...we never asked what they were in for, good call i think, we wouldn't want to judge!

the meal is devoured and it's time to drunk shop in walgreens for some rations and facetime with my girls. awkward.