SURPRISE (part three,bikes?)

south beach, miami is known for renting bikes to check out the city.  so after my aspirin filled morning, we rented two for the day. i get a pink one with a basket!  water in holder and we are off.  here is the breakdown;

12pm  it's hot and we just got our bikes.

12:05 umm... i shouldn't have brought the third child (my camera bag).

12:10 this is really not safe riding on the side walks without helmets.

12:15  f*** why i'm i swirling every where.

12:20 omg, i'm sweating my boobs off

12:30 ok this is manageable with no people! oh wait. scratch that, lots more coming.

12:35 these streets are ridiculously small, what's up with that...people were not this small in the 30's.  not to mention the freak'n cracks and bumps....

12:40 "greg stop"  "my basket bumped off "!

12:45  good god, how is "the mr."  so freak'n nimble on a bike, he weighs 205lbs,  6 feet tall!  he's a absolute bull in a china shop at home, WTH.

12:45  "i'm coming on your left, s*** i mean your right. no i mean my right, omg i'm so sorry...did that hurt"

12:50 my crotch is on fire!

1pm "i'm pretty sure i smell"  "thank god for this breeze"

1:05   were at this fancy french hotel...finally!

1:30 back on bikes.

1:35 was that a man or a woman?

1:45  pit stop for some chow. yep, i'm ripe for sure. making some plans...did you say shopping?  perfect surprise!

2:00 fearless now, back up folks this mama' s coming through!

2:10 "basket down, basket down"

2:20 new shades from tjmax..

2:25 did i just here that cop say "lady, you have to be careful every one driving in south beach is drunk" .

2:45 stopped at the hotel to pee, take another asprin and change my stinky shirt!

3:00 surprise, we are going to nikki beach for a quick drink! what's nikki beach? no matter, let's roll.

3:20 sitting at the bar.

3:22 bartender is making me a margarita and "the mr." a mojito.

3:26 boo "the mr.'s" tastes better!

3:30 bartender is from canada, she rocks.

3:40 "i guess we are staying, you just ordered a pitcher of mojitos"

4:00  "i can't drive a bike hammered, i can barly drive a bike sober"!

4:15  oh snap, she just added more booze in our pitcher!

4:30 list of hot spots have been slipped to us.

4:45 chugging.

5:00 private event happening, we have to go. she warns us about cops giving out c.u.i tickets (cycling under the influence), lol..for real? this is going to be an entertaining ride home.

5:10 "i'm the best cyclist ever",  "i love biking in miami"! ("dina stop yelling", "the Mr." is not pleased)

5:20 we are home. nap, yes please.