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this all started with me mentioning i may have a old school rubiks cube in my tickle trunk of memories to my oldest. clearly this is the "thing" (again) as she made me promise to check if i still had it while they were at school the next day.


she left me an adorable reminder note attached to my mouse this morning with an I "heart" you on the bottom - well i sure would feel like an asshole if i don't check for her today.


much later (after trespassing in abandoned mansions all morning) i had a half hour before pick up, so me and my ripped jeans (that was acquired from jumping over a large fence to get in one of the houses), i grabbed the three step latter and headed upstairs to the master bedroom.


two trunks awaited on the top of the armoire -one gregs, one mine. both HEAVY. 


part of me just wanted to say f-it and buy her a new $15 rubiks cube from walmart and say "happy long weekend, go crazy and remember pulling a cube out and placing it in another location is cheating" and that would have saved myself the hassle but no. i continue to rummage.


"holy f'n dust" there has to be five plus years on top of these suckers -don't judge, getting a latter to dust in a bedroom is WAY out of my cleaning scope. not happening.


inside the trunks are memories of elementary school years, marriage, birth (mine and their's), teenage scrap books and nude images (yes, nudes! and to answer your next question, i'm never throwing them out! EVER. seriously, if those get "loose" on the internet, i would be like "yep, that's a real lady beaver folks and this is what real boobs look like girls". lol. i looked great back then, to bad we can't see it when we are in it! the best part - ONE copy, that's it.  film. oh those were the days.


sadly after all that digging- no rubiks cube!


 i had to keep the trunks out and opened to prove i indeed did go through all the goods (it's like they think i lie or something -it's weird because my thoughts go right to that elf on the shelf thing, not sure why?!)


once they arrived home, they got into those trunks and the whirlwind of questions, digging, observations (mostly judgements), trying on my old retainer (umm-i'm gagging inside- my kids are sooo gross. yet i didn't tell them not to try it!) and the "mom, you had WAY to many boyfriends" statement happened for two hours.


Not sure why i kept all this stuff but maybe i thought this day would come. the day my past meets their present & future and we would relate about being kids and not just being their MOTHER ruler of all things "unfun" and chore like. it's true, MOM was a kid back then!  it was actually quite fun and two answer your last question-no, i didn't show them the nudes (there wasn't enough gin in the house to explain the why's behind them, so i opted out). i tucked all the goodies back into the tickle trunk of memories (except my old elementary school tee shirts as the girls want to wear them).


(side note- 80's all the way. i bet some of you from victoria bc will remember a few special items in the mix)





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