what does 10 years of being married =

2 beautiful girls 3 different "homes"

1  baboon's ass for hair  (greg)

1 pair of national geographic  boobs (me)

5  vehicles

1000 bags of potato chips (i suspect this total may be underestimated!?)

5   F***  this and 10 F*** you's

18 airplane trips together (one being an 18 hour trip to get to palm springs!)

a few thousand "i love you's"

2 toaster ovens

1 huge sacrifice from a wonderful man to let his wife find her passion in photography and to indulge our children in having their mom be with them 24/7 (that alone I'm forever grateful).

4 hospital trips

200 +  killer events/parties/bar nights that involved a cab, a  stumbled swagger or  a "baby can you piggy back me, my heels are killing me"!  to get us home!

1 unfinished basement (one word **bitter**!)

3 minor car accidents (one NOT our fault)

3 family deaths (xox)

1 re cushioned sofa

2 x is the amount we played that SEX game we got at our engagement party (lol)

7  job/employer/career changes

512 days spent apart

7 rad concerts

2 weed wackers / 1 lawn mower

1x  being stranded on the ski boat and had to paddled/swim it to the dock

1 deep fryer never used (dam you canadian tire flyer specials)

0 pets

2 major stock market crashes

1 epic vancouver olympics

2 house floods

79 "not tonight" (that too might be grossly underestimated!?)

2 times being locked out together and going "gang busters" through the door!

5 camping trips

6 pairs of gym running shoes

0 cavities

0 vancouver canuck's stanley cup wins

1 riot  (don't even get me started with this one!)

2 different banking institutions

130  is the number of pounds i have gained and lost in 10 years

20 is the amount of pounds greg has gained in the first year we met and it never came off.

a cassillion wicked nights, days, hours and minutes spend building a life together....

happy 10 years together baby!