to run or not to run...

i have never enjoyed running outdoors (i prefer the simple consistency of a 20 minute treadmill run 2 to 3 times a week ..when i'm actually "going" to the gym), but living in a cabin for four weeks with the "pantry from hell" (goodies, goodies and more goodies)  and the boat doubling as "margaritaville" during the day....some form of calorie reducing  exercise would be required. luckily or not so luckily the amazing women that hang at EBL (East Barreier Lake) for the summer are almost all runners.  not just runners, BUT RUNNERS!  and in cabin country you don't run alone.  why you ask?  well, this is were the song from the wizard of oz kicks in ..."lions and tigers and bears.. oh my" but at ELB we sing it more like this "cougars and bears and wolfs... oh my".  so, i either run with the "RUNNERS" or i get a bad case of muffin top.

so here's the low down, i would fake it till i make it!  I had been back at the gym a whopping 3 times since apparently joining EBL's "unofficial" running club!  so i was thinking that they would look at me and realize "ok, we'll take it easy on her, she clearly hasn't been at the gym for a while".  NOPE.


"i'll pick you up at 8:00 and we'll do the horse shoe"


"umm, what kind of run is that exactly?


"well, it's approximatly 5km with 2 small hills and 3 large ones."  "don't worry dina, it's quite easy."

ME ;

(in my head i'm thinking)

"sweet jesus, are these ladies crazy...EASY...(yelling in my head now)...i'm so going to freak'n die tomorrow"

(my response to the RUNNERS)

"sounds great, see ya with bear bells on!"

all of my life with very few exceptions, i have  "pushed my comfort zone".  why? because it flat out makes me feel alive to be a little scared and nervous (i kind of get a sick rush from it, especially when i succeed at whatever i'm doing).  so you've got to know my tail feather was wagging  a little when after the four weeks were up i had run the "horse shoe" every day but five (and out of those five days three of them i biked 5 and 10km!).

perhaps the distraction of great conversation, a generation one ipod shuffle playing "oh na, na, what's my name" and pushing through the run before something (animal) believes i am indeed something they could consume in one if not two bites got me through the tuff parts! but whatever it was i actually started to like it maybe even LOVE it!  by the way i would like to welcome back my leg muscles. thank you for finally reappearing after your long, unwelcome hiatus...i'm hoping you will stay a while this time.

so in the end i vote to run...