the art in the everyday | Klutch Photography | Victoria family photographer

more and more i find myself enjoying the ordinary, settling in to somethings odd beauty, finding the art and the everyday.  these small joys fill my sole, not sure how but it does. i wish we could all fill our soles with the beauty of everyday, perhaps the need to fill our bank accounts would lessen, the need to be busy would stop and we could just be in the moment of this sweet life we are graced to live. sigh.

the images:

Both from my parent's home, there are always flowers in a vase when i come to visit, always.  there from my mom's garden and they sit silently in the entrance, lit up at night, for me to admire as a walk by.

the pegs, always outside on the line.  they looked different that day, they called me over as a was holding my camera and the kids played behind me... artistic and simple.







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