conversations of a busy mom...

ME:  god your dirty! FLOORS: not my guys made me this way!

ME: no i didn't (they did), regardless your gross to look at right now.

FLOORS: well then, your kids eat like chickens (or so your dad thinks)...and if you don't want to look at me, you should wear a blindfold!

ME: i really have no time for this.

FLOORS:  you do understand that i'm solid hickory, HAND scraped with three different sized boards mixed together right?...others would DIE to have me!

ME:  shut up.  if it wasn't for me you wouldn't be here!  greg would have gladly selected a less "fancy" hardwood.

FLOORS: ohh...i like the word "fancy".

ME:  zip it...stop listening to tammy lyon and her preferences on country music!

FLOORS:  So, what would the euro's (specifically your mother!) think of how i look right now?

ME: wow..that's low.

FLOORS:  your getting  l  a  z  y!

ME: listen, there's just so much of you to clean and  I   AM   NOT   LAZY ...i just have "better" things to do with my time!


ME: watch it...or i'll let the kids draw and ride there bikes on you!

FLOORS:  tisk, tisk...we both know that's NOT going to happen,

Me: god i hate it when your right.

FLOORS: come on, just wash me!

ME: will see.