raising girls **sigh** aspirin please!

some blog posts you just have to share. but first a little background info...

i discovered this witty blog called "people i want to punch in the throat" on FB.  it caught my eye when she wrote about the mom's (and maybe some dad's but I call BS) that made that elf on the shelf gig way to over the top (it's weird, i felt she was speaking directly to me..haha!).  her thoughts on the topic were COMICAL and well quite true (BUT don't hate the player hate the game...lol).  she (jen) writes (blog posts) so she doesn't "kill" and i value and understand that statement...lol!

her latest post (the one i wanted to share) is rad...it's about rules for parents raising daughters!  it's insightful, street savvy and it makes me CRINGE for whats ahead (and of course i chuckled my way through it...not a surprise). check her blog out.

On a side note my husbands style of parenting or shall i say "raising  girls theory" is "let's give them a bowl cut"!  "what you don't like that idea dina, well i can always stock pile lime and a shovel".

really greg?  good god were screwed. (note to self, forward blog post to greg!) (note to self don't forward the blog post to greg in fear of him leaving for a "business trip" [with his passport] and NOT returning because he can't handle crazy teenage girls!) did i mention before we had children greg "really and truly" thought he was a "Y" guy and that he didn't make girls!  all i have for that is KARMA. to my girls future boyfriends, good luck!

this pic has nothing to do with the blog post but i love the tomboy add!  It's sad how are advertising for girls has changed...any-who, i got to go because my three year old GIRL is asking for a bubba and that she's C O L D (well your cold because the heats not on! Why, you ask..she put some playmobile in it last winter and almost started a fire!).   fun times.