a very sick desire | Klutch Photography | Vancouver family photography

as if the thrifting obsession wasn't enough, it has spread to abandoned buildings, old farms, abandoned ships, parks, whatever...i don't discriminate, if it's old, grown over or falling apart i have a need to capture it with the third child (the camera). this sick desire is actually called "urban explorer/ing", well i may urban explore my ass to jail soon enough because i can see myself getting into some trouble trespassing!

like a true addict i have discovered some "enablers"/"junkies" to hang out with, (to be quite frank one of them is worse then me, WAY WORSE! can you tell i'm a little jealous).  she's been to new york just to capture old hospitals etc.  wiping. drool. now.).  one of the enablers suggested we head out to an old abandoned bc ferry in mission, i said YES at "old".

it was a amazing adventure (even in the monsoon rain fall) with some great ladies, we also got a bonus with the old farm house as we were driving in but i will have to purchase some additional gear going forward...

*a hard hat that says "site supervisor", clip board and pencil and a yellow safety vest (sneaky right!)

*pockets that don't lose my bribing money (bye, bye $20.00...you are missed)

*pants that don't show my ass crack while kneeling on the ever so clean ground

*a better head lamp then the kids costco, read under the covers bull shit...girl needs a frick'n miners sized beast (do you think i could mount a studio light on my head lamp straps?!)

*oh yes and some finger tip HOT POCKETS, (do they make those? and no I don't mean the food you eat after school for a snack that bursts in your mouth with a great artificial pizza flavour!) my fingers finally got the sensation back from the damp cold ship (totally fawking worth it.)!

BEST DAY EVER.  ok, i know it's not but pretty awesome "fix" none the less...

btw, some of the images are available on my fine art gallery for purchase, if you to desire creepy art like me!