do you have underwear on?? | Klutch Photography | Vancouver family photographer

i had just finished shooting my downtown session this morning and thought "i should grab a coffee, reapply some gloss, adjust my bra and take some fun images out here today" when i remembered i "should"  get home relatively fast because amara didn't wear underwear to school today!  yeah, i know what your did the mother of this child not SEE she had any ginch on?? well she's sneaky (and i didn't think i needed to do vagina checks before leaving the house), no really...i only caught sight of it when her dress rolled up when she jumped out of the truck at school drop off and i spotted a sheer bum under her nylon leggings, i gasped!  the problem was i had to get to work and couldn't fetch her any new ones! ok squirrel, get back on my dilemma was do i let me littlest little suffer all day, letting her vajayjay meet all  her friends at school or do i become supermom for saving her awkward day with some princess panties from home and forgo the morning walk about taking pictures!!  supermom it is, total no brainer.

quickly i decided to challenge myself, i took two minutes, snapped whatever i found interesting right in front of me and headed home!

below is what i captured. is it mind blowing, NO but the point of this drifty story is that you don't need to search far and wide for beautiful things to capture, you have it within a few feet of wherever you are, if you look at it with different set of glass's on!!

and yes amara got her panties and all purity has been restored in kindergarden land! new rule in the stoddard house, undies mandatory till 18!