beast in the bath | Klutch Photography | Surrey family photographer

"go bath, you stinky beast's" is the phrase i use with both of my girls come sunday, wednesday and friday's!  in the past year my girls have preferred a shower then a bath, so when amara asked to have a bath... i thought you never know when that may be the last one she wants to have as a toy playing, mermaid swimming, underwater scientist child! so yep, you guessed it the camera came out.  i've taken loads in the bath but there's something about the tub and children that make for great natural(true to self), funny pictures!

So if your wanting to

a) work on your photography skills

b) think outside the box from a portrait

b) capture something you will look back fondly on, i would recommend bringing your camera in the bathroom! Oh and while your at it, take some video too!

BTW amara was having so much fun that after big sis had her shower she joined her in the tub!



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