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when those waves of sadness hit, when your heart can no longer feel,

when you pick up the pieces to your new normal and feel you can't make it to a new day...

remember me mommy, my love,  just remember me.

mommy look around you, because i am here...

i am in the snow dusted in december,

i am blooming in your garden in the spring,

i am the sticks collected at your door and the shells at your steps,

i will be the sunshine wrapped around you to keep you warm,

i will give you sunsets in the summer mamma,

i am in the laughter of all my friends,

when you hold Nicholas's hand, i am there to hold the other,

when you say i love you, i am saying it back softly,

when you hold my pillow, i am holding you.

don't be sad mommy, i am not alone and the same goes for you.

(in  loving memory of Sophie Haines who received her angel wings december 2013)

and for her mommy xox

Amara's 5 Birthday email-5776-2
Amara's 5 Birthday email-5776-2