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sometimes but  not often i get totally jacked up to do a "craft"...some form of homemade goodness  (because god only knows we don't have enough to do already right. so, lets tack on a craft to the list of to do's!!). but here's the deal, i love my mother in laws christmas stockings...their OLD, hand knit with vintage xmas characters on them.   they're so fantastic, that if I ever get anything "handed down",  i would want THESE stockings, instead of the family china!  sorry barb (that's my mother in law), but the stockings are just so awesome...not that she reads my blog but just incase... hint, hint!

OH GOD, that sounded bad didn't it...i don't want you to "die", it's just...oh forget it, this sounds horrible no matter how i say it!!  lol, the point is, i'm not getting any stockings, anytime soon (thank goodness) but i really want some fun ones in my own home!

so a guess then, it's time for plan B...make some!  but dina, you don't knit? your right, but girl knows how to thrift!

so on my "travels" i found these very large hand knit socks, kinda looks like a lumberjack owned them.  $2.99.   i oxycleaned these bad boys and there ready to go!

then i spot this post on FB  (thanks L.W for the post) about making stockings out of old sweaters,  swEEEEt!   i pulled out my 30% off card for VV and wrangled up two XL mens cable knit sweaters. this girl wanted to make some big ass stocking...a lady's sweater would not do!   cost $8.00.

ok I added some fun to the girls knit stocking (cut out the dear heads from felt and added their initials from mohair) and sewed the sh** out of the other two sweaters and taa daa!  i'm feeling quite pleased with the results!

so my mother and law can now relax that i'm not wanting her to  "head on her way" to get my mitts on her

BONUS...the unused sleeves make awesome leg warmers and yes i'm aware my boots need a "washing"!

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