an hour of regression...

THE PHONE CALL: i hang up the phone and in a mad panic i dial another number located on the my fridge.

a soft voice answers: "hello?"

i respond with: "omg, i need headshots."

s.v.: "ok."

me: "so can you hook me up?"

s.v.: "sure."

me: "i'm the photographer.... i'm suppose to be the one shooting, not being shot!"


many years ago when i was a bar going kind of girl, i took many pictures of myself.  i have a wicked amount of albums that my girlies will NEVER see!  why did i do this you ask?  because i was young, confident and well, i could be anything, back in the day before marriage and children (and being a cute, posing 20 something year old was FUN).  i had all the time in the commitments or "real responsibilities" other than looking good! in my current life (which i wouldn't change for anything) it's far less glamorous and no longer self centered! makeup and showers are a "privilege" not a right and stretchy black yoga attire is standard uniform.

so the thought of having to get gussied up was a little stressful…but exciting.  after sorting out some form of outfit and figuring out who the heck would watch amara during the day (thanks jen), i got my head in the game and thought... no kids and no hubby in the pictures making that "i hate pictures but i'll attempt to smile face"......  just classy, fun poses of myself…this could be fun!



6 am –gym.

7 am –shower, get ready (and make a miracle happen!).

8:40 am- get che' to school (looking like a night walker in front of the other mommies).

9am - chiropractor (looking like a night walker in front of the doc...she did like my hair though?).

9:15 am - drop off amara.

9:30 ish - pick up s.v.

s.v. is know to most as (jessica) neighbor, great friend and fantastic photographer (jeska photography). we take off to cloverdale and we have an hour and a bit.  not a ton of time, but enough! and the regression begins.....i'm all business, i'm back in my glory, i'm that young, feeling good, selfish girl from the 90's!  i'm sitting, standing, crouching, pouting  and spontaneously laughing all in the name of a good shot!  during this "transformation" of cambridge mommy to sexy professional"  jessica seems shocked and yet likes the confidence. she stops shooting and asks "dina, do you want to tell me more about those PICTURES you took back in the day?”

i respond with " thanks my Christian friend", and we both start laughing!   the hour was a success.


beautiful, fun and classy photos that I have forever! this session really got me thinking…we, as "unselfish" moms never do this for ourselves! we take FAMILY photos, BABY photos, MATERNITY photos and  NAKED photos, but NEVER photos that are just about US to document our strong, beautiful selves.

back in the day it was customary to take a photo of yourself to "document" an age. my mom has a few really beautiful images of herself that i'm so proud to have and now my girlies have "documentation" that i too was a young mom.  now don't get me wrong boudoir is fun, but your kids are more than likely NOT going to put up a picture of you in a thong and explain to their children "now there’s a picture of grandma back in the day".  these are photos my kids can have on their walls and be a little less embarrassed of.


in lieu of this great experience, i'm going to incorporate a package for celebrate OUR beauty and for other generations to have and cherish! details to follow but I think it shall be called "random beauty" seeing how i have a category for it!

shocking what an hour can do....