And they called it a "snow day" | Klutch Photography | Vancouver family photographer

Shall we start with WTF is going on here in Vancouver? It's like we've moved unwillingly into the deepest parts of cold Canada where snow boots are not a "cute Sorel branded fashion statement", there a necessity or else your toes fall off. Well, that's a horrible thought right!

And yet here we are day two of a "snow day" for all of the kids in Surrey and many other surrounding parts of the lower mainland. Which means no school!

I call this bull shit!

Did anyone remember a few weeks (xmas time and onward)  back when the roads, parking lot's and sidewalks were literally fucking ice rinks! I'm not even remotely exaggerating! Think the frozen movie, now you're getting it.

it was actually really dangerous and kids and teachers went to school every day?! slipping and sliding. Hot mess. No school closures then!

Fast forward to this weekend and we got hit with snow, lots of it and yes it's a little out of place for us here in the rainy city in February but it's SNOW people. The main roads were fine if you have proper tires or a 4w drive vehicle...same thing as all the other snow we've had this season. 


and to fuck with us some more...



OMG! We're really a bunch of fluffy white, housebound pussy's here on the mainland. I feel so embarrassed for us and our ability to cope. It's snow. Maybe  16" of it?  Really people. Meow.

Ok, I work from home so it really didn't put me out at all, it was more that I didn't get that lovely Monday mental break from all the people that share my blood with.

Some folks loved the announcement of a snow day... 

"Yay, a snow day!  Shall we go sledding or make a snowman". I be like "well kiddos, you're not supposed to be here right now...soo you can clean with me or find something else to do that doesn't involve the TV!  

They didn't choose cleaning. Shocker!  So I strapped on my iPod shuffle (old school) and it was like they weren't even there. It was a total magic trick, ear buds in -kids disappeared, ear buds out - kids were there! And you guessed it, I wore the battery out that day. 

You also have to understand a few things, we do a snow vaca for a week every year at New Years and there is also a few other weekends throughout the year that we take off to enjoy MORE snow. So for me it's pretty, and it's fun, but it's not this "oh so magical" feeling on a Monday morning when I have work to do and I've already spent the entire weekend in the house and out in the snow accommodating my children's social needs and then they get a snow day! 


Here's a truth bomb...

I'm a better Mom when they go to school on a Monday. I'm a better wife when my husband goes to work on a Monday. I need a get my balance back, clean the house, set up my work week...and that day is called MONDAY, not FUNDAY-SNOWDAY!

But it was still ok. They're great kids, they figured it out fast and understood. We all managed and on day two, they just left to go outside on their own (without being asked) as I had edit commitments to complete. And they made their own lunch. Winning. They're at a great age, so self-sufficient when needed! 

Their reward...

They got to run free in Costco with the cart (which I never let them do, ever!), but if you hit anyone...I was NOT their mother!

Yes, they will have wonderful memories of a "snow day" X 2 and more than likely, it not happen for another 20 years!






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