Journal Entry No.16 | Klutch Photography | Vancouver family photographer|

Our first trespassing adventure of 2017 (urban exploring) happened today, and it was fruitful!


The 70's are still going strong in a lot of these abandoned homes, that's a for sure!

Check it out...


Ahhh, doorbell chimes, remember these!?

Now this is something! Three feet long (at least), a real show stopper!

And you wonder why makeup in the 70's was a hot mess!?  Well, here's why! That's some real fucking balanced lighting, isn't it!!  

Nope, we didn't smell these but I'm totally regretting now that we didn't. So damn curious if it was Charlie, Babe" or some Chantilly?? These were HUGE BTW, like seven + inches!

Embroidered butterfly's and paneling, it's  like I stepped back into my parent's basement! If any of my cousins are reading this...please STOP telling your mom's about me dissing my parents on the "internet". Every week my mom's giving me shit about posting crap! Boca colada! lol.

What's a house from the 70's without, you guessed it, rod iron. Inside, of course!

Abandoned selfie!





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