Journal Entry No.25 | Klutch Photography | Vancouver family photographer

So happy my parents came for the May long weekend girls soccer tournament, they were able to come for ONLY two full days and nights as their newly planted garden HAD to be attended to (lol, thats Portuguese retired people for ya).  My brother's family was in town as well, total fluke as they had a minute baseball tournament! We got to have dinner together and celebrate an upcoming grandpa birthday, perfection!

Che's team worked their ass's off this weekend playing 14-year-olds (their 11-12's), ya I said it 14-year-olds, these girls had BOOBS, taller than me (which is not a huge stretch!). They won two games, lost one and tied.  

Once the tournament ended on Monday we hit up the Cloverdale rodeo at about 11:30 am with some amazing neighbours of ours, a first for me on as I never grew up on the mainland. And wow, it was a hot mess but the kids loved every fucking insane ride, everyone of them.  I don't do rides for the most part, and those ones were a big fat FUCK no. So as the amazing parents we have we followed these kids around for HOURS in the sweltering heat, watching their joy. Lucky us!  By 4:45 pm I was taking back the Alfa female position, I'm not your puppet anymore kiddos, lets wrap this shit up.  I'M DONE. Momma needs some fresh clothing, a goddam sandwich and a STRONGBOW!

This weekend was full of family, friends laughter and sun. Total unplanned awesomeness!  








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