introducing the "QUICKIE" session, klutch's new outdoor mini session for 2012!


times available on the 27th:

8:20am **open**

8:40am **open**

9:00am **open**


9:40am Booked

10:00am Booked

10:20am  Booked


11:00 Booked

11:20 Booked

11:40 Booked

12:00 "ladies are having a snack"

12:30 Booked

12:50 Booked

1:10 Booked

1:20 Booked

1:40 Booked

Please email all inquiries at (facebook has been very UNRELIABLE lately, so please DO NOT email me there!).  remember if I don't get back to you right away don't fret, i will take all requests for times available based on who emailed first!  Once your time slot is  booked, more details will follow in a separate email!

i'm looking forward to seeing you all on the 27th!

BTW...indoor studio sessions  being released within this week.   stay turned!