klutch photography's christmas mini sessions are back...


it's quick.

there's coffee.

it's black (not the coffee but the backdrop! unless you need it black, the coffee that is?).

It's grandma's favorite gift.

there's great cheesy props.

and well, let's get real here…It's all your significant other and wild off spring can handle!


check out the fine print below,

*november 3 and 4th is the session dates.

*the $100 (tax not included...so add 12.00) session cost is for a family of four.

*any other family members you would like to add is an additional $25.00 per person (up to a max of six).

*a deposit of $50 is required to hold your date and time, deposits are not refunded if you cancel your session.

*unfortunately no fur family members can attend out of respect for others with allergies.

*in under two weeks you will receive disk of high resolution images ready to print.

*xmas cards will be available again this year, if your interested!

*all client's completed disks must be picked up from my home studio (sorry gang, no mail outs).


session times start at 8:45am and run every 45 minutes right up to the last booking at 5:15pm.  Please see available times below, please email me at dina@klutchphotography.com for all bookings and inquires (please no facebook emails)!

SATURDAY NOVEMBER 3rd                                  SUNDAY NOVEMBER 4TH

8:45 am  **OPEN**                                                        8:45 am  Booked

9:30 am **OPEN**                                                      9:30 am  Booked

10:15 am Booked                                                          10:15 am Booked

11:00 am Booked                                                          11:00 am  Booked

11:45 am Booked                                                           11:45 am Booked

12:00*****************the ladies are snacking*******************

12:45 pm Booked                                                     12:45 pm Booked

1:30 pm Booked                                                             1:30 pm  Booked

2:15 pm Booked                                                              2:15 pm Booked

3:00 pm Booked                                                             3:00 pm Booked

3:45 pm  Booked                                                             3:45 pm Booked

4:30 pm Booked                                                             4:30 pm Booked

5:15 pm  Booked                                                              5:15 pm Booked

Check out last year fun families....

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