Thank you Gord- Fully Completely | Klutch Photography | Vancouver family photographer

last night we were blessed to attend the hips concert

and even with gord's devastating diagnosis, he gave to us needy canuks a chance to say goodbye. a solute of screams, dancing and glowing cell phone flames to honor you, our thank you for years of music. 


it was a sing a long like no other... it was like having the best hip music you've ever played on road trips, at a campfires and house parties- live!


the show was not fancy but he was, odd as ever and in that "weird gord way" your genius self came through. little words were said by him, no need as his expressions of "soaking it all in" was "words" enough.


YOU ARE CANADA'S BAND, like maple syrup and hockey, all one else ever claimed you (not that you needed or wanted that). you never crossed the proverbial border, you stayed rooted here.


what i would have given to be able to shoot this night with my camera, the photographer in me couldn't help but think of the all the magic that night i wanted to document so badly. instead i will have to settle for my iphone 4 movie clips to remeber this night. it's a hot visual mess but for us that attended it's gold to have in our digital keepsakes.

thank you gord fully completely.








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