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being longer in the tooth and having kids that are 8 and older, you forget that babysitting an 18 month old toddler is risky business.  every move they make could potentially mean returning them damaged or broken (but not on my watch people, i don't do broken... but the stress factor was high in returning this little gem pristine). 

their also like mini entertainers all wrapped into this tiny adorable package that can have everyone wooed by their charm in 60 seconds of locking eyes! they control people's emotions by who they will give hugs and kisses too, not to mention...saying peoples names! this alone provides them with a power so great to crush and lift spirits. Incredible really! they are mini rulers of the world. Someone should do a study.

i'm auntie sitting today as her mom and dad had to attended a "no kids" wedding and we three stepped in to help them out. my girls were in heaven. pure, squishy, love her to bits, heaven! as was auntie!

this afternoon we witnessed savi crush two kids spirits by NOT providing hugs or kisses when asked to. at one point she just flat out said NO. (lol and i had to pick up their broken hearts off the sidewalk, hand them back and say “it’s ok, she has an opinion and we have to respect that”- come to think of it, I don’t think that helped one bit!) 

a moment later savi awarded another little person the title of "savi’s favourite kid" (for about 30 seconds) by picking her out of the group, walking up to her and saying "hi" in that wee voice. the child was beaming (you could read her body language- “she picked me, did you see that, she picked me”!)

savi was literally the kids pied piper...she’d moved, we followed. she stopped, we all stopped. she get the picture.




***side note: can you believe this kid DID NOT FALL ASLEEP (still up at 11pm and beyond), holy shit right!  but no biggy, as she was sweet and mellow with no issues what's so ever...the girls got to cuddle her till "they" almost fell asleep, then me, then them, then me and her hung out at my computer while i composed this post and che snapped the last few pics of us at the end***


Che's images (she's 10!) captured in LOW light in manual!







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