Journal Entry No.35 | Klutch Photography| Vancouver family photographer

Sometimes when your kids become fucking dicks to each other, you need to lock shit down and just circle the wagons with some family time.

My two have been less than awesome with each other these past few days and so on this "WAY TO SOON IN THE SCHOOL SEASON" pro D day presented itself I dragged these two lazy broads outside for a nature walk.  They were not pleased by my persistence of leaving the house but because I'm the ruler of the world they had no choice, we took off to a nature park in Langley.

 The irony is that these two love to explore, jump and climb. They eat wild berries like there on fucking survivor. They fall in love with each other and like that dude on the commercial that was hangry and eats a Snickers bar and all normality is restored, well that whats what fucking nature does! Nature solves the "I hate you" sibling syndrome (for now).

Side note: They also got to experience some real life - a drug dealer on a bike, I hooker on a bike & an argument in the bush (by those two) and several police cars!  You think they would only see this good reality stuff in Value Village at 8:45 pm on a Friday night (It was only once that happen, they were fine! It always makes for great open door conversations)

VERY EXCITING day.  Yes children, stay in school and DON'T DO DRUGS!