Child makeup artist makes mother look like miranda sings| Klutch Photography |Vancouver family Photographer

don't be frighten, it's me. LOOKING AMAZING RIGHT!   lol.  This picture was taken after my girls applied "make up" on me almost two years ago.  they have mad skills yo!  you can hire them for your grad or wedding needs and are available most saturdays... will actually do this fucking master piece for free!

the picture below, my super model cover face is looking like miranda sings (a tween you tube sensation). i know the resemblance between us is terrifying right!   such a hawt look alike!  i knew this picture reminded me of something or someone!  oh miranda, your such a copy cat...find your own look lady, this ones taken!

maybe i've just found my halloween costume!?  oh wait a minute, che (my 10 year old) is going as miranda sings for halloween!??? now wouldn't that be funny at the school dance if I showed up looking like her,  twinzies!! 

let the humiliation phase of her life begin!

(if you don't know who i'm talking about you don't have a here and get in the loop fast.  and sorry for the might have been better off not knowing!).  







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