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So after a really packed solo parenting week/weekend (for the most part), I was invited to go to the soft opening of FORTITUDE in Fort Langley.  

I invited a foodie to join me as I knew she would be

A) comical in her reactions

B) I dig her company along with our common passion for GIN!


The restaurant and the commentary from foodie Tammy did not disappoint!

It's always a high for me to see people live their dreams and this good friend of mine and her hubby has made their dreams come true with this yearlong adventure getting this restaurant to opening day (June 12, 2017).

Of course, I brought me a camera and snapped a few pics to document the "soft" open how could I not!

Go check in out, I recommend the Fortitude G & T and the Tuna! Oh and if you're a lady, check out the bathroom, LOVE IT! Who I'm I kidding you're a lady, you will be visiting it for sure!



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