This never gets old | Klutch Photography | Vancouver family photographer

we arrived home to a perfectly clean house, happy kids and one AMAZING mother in law that said "she loved having them" for almost 12 days.

Blessed are we.

i cried when I saw my youngest. Yet during our travels i shed not one tear, as i knew they were in good hands! i knew they had a great time as the entire butter dish (a full block) was gone (which takes a year to go through normally in my house, lol), more freezies were bought and the ice cream was loved.

our day of catching up was very normal, lots of hugs & kisses, routines and ramblings of school yard shenanigans.  i took every opportunity to sniff my girlies yummy necks as there is nothing more devine then the sent of your babies and of course photos of them at play.

that night dad was voted off the island (our bed), as they needed the mom cuddle but what they didn't know is that i needed it more then them. it's really like sleeping with a debris filled, churning ocean (limbs, blankets, stuffies and bouncing all night long).  my sleep was shit but worth every lost hour. 

being a mom is by far the best job in the world and coming home to this never gets old.