Small pumpkin syndrome | Klutch Photography| Vancouver family Photographer

no matter their age (or the weather) my two girls want to pick their own enormous pumpkins (from the pumpkin patch of course because "the grocery store doesn't have BIG ASS pumpkins mom"!). i don't get this whole size thing, it's like they have small pumpkin syndrome and have to compensate by finding ones half their weight every year!! 

the one thing i have learned, is you either bring your costco bag or your ikea tarp one, these are the ONLY bags that can handle the 20 to 30 pounders!

now guess who gets to wheel barrow these fuckers all the way to the car.

ya. well you know who it isn't, DAD. because today is a pro D day and dad is keeping the mortgage paid off while i get to do an arm workout!

SIDE NOTE- I do make them carry there pumpkins to the hayride wagon and that folks is PRICELESS!









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